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Guidelines for Writers

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Guidelines for Writers

  • Founded in 1992, The Lite Circle seeks to give emerging writers and artists the opportunity to reach a broad, literate audience. Lite publishes book-length manuscripts in cooperation with authors under the imprints "Lite Circle Books" and "Sunrise Press."
  • Note to contributors: At this time we are accepting only book-length manuscripts for consideration. Calls for other types of submissions will be posted. As a small press and all-volunteer nonprofit literary organization, our resources permit us to consider a limited number of submissions per year. Please query first.
  • Electronic submissions to Lite are encouraged. Email submissions to: litecirclebooks@gmail.com (attachments OK; Microsoft Word or WordPerfect format preferred). Submissions may also be sent as ASCII text in the body of an email; special formatting such as italics or bold should be noted. We will also accept documents on disk or CDROM formatted to be readable on a Windows-based PC (preferred for book-length manuscripts). Please include contact info/short bio.
  • Hardcopy submissions to Lite should be on plain 8-1/2" X 11" paper, double spaced, typewritten or computer printed, suitable for scanning with no handwritten editing or other marks anywhere on the document. Please include the file on disk or CDROM, if possible. Notes concerning the copy may be made in legible handwriting on accompanying separate sheets. Illegible, poor-quality, or handwritten text will not be considered. Copy should include the author's name, address and telephone number on the first or last page; for multiple simultaneous submissions, each work must be a separate document, each with the author's name, address and telephone. Please include short bio.
  • Lite reserves the right to do all editing appropriate to maintain grammar, stylistic consistency, and standard punctuation without advance notification to the author. We suggest that deliberate deviations from standard grammar and spelling be noted on a separate sheet to avoid editing problems. Lite will do everything possible to advise writers in advance of publication of any proposed changes which may affect the author's meaning or stylistic integrity; writers may withdraw their manuscripts from consideration should they conclude that proposed changes are unacceptable, provided notification is made within three days of notice of proposed changes.
  • Lite will not accept manuscripts which contain the following: sexually explicit language or graphically depicted sexual scenes; gratuitous expletives; pointless or graphic violence; material denigrating any race, nationality, gender, or religion. Authors accept all responsibility for factual errors contained in any submitted manuscript. By submitting to Lite, author agrees to the editorial policies and conditions as stated in these guidelines.
  • Hardcopy submissions will not be returned unless a SASE of suitable size with sufficient postage is provided.

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